3DF Zephyr Dev Status (Lampone)

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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Lampone) is already in development.

Since we are a cool company using cutting-edge technology, the Raspberry on the left does not exist. It has been generated with AI.

The tentative release date is the end of summer 2023.

Here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Note: this is not the final feature list: new planned features will be unveiled as we get closer to release!

Major features and updates

Improved mesh The mesh algorithm has been improved. Thickness is now computed automatically to maintain thin structures better. Ready for testing (90%)
Camera groups/rig Cameras group/rig relationship (translation/baseline and rotation) can now be specified during the project wizard. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved add photos wizard and workspace merge The algorithms for adding photos and merging workspace have been improved. Both can now work in a completely automatic mode. Ready for testing (90%)
Reworked options dialog The options dialog have been reworked and improved. You can now quickly search among the options. Ready for testing (90%)
Better multispectral support Multispectral images are now better supported. The intra-bands adjustment works better, and several QoL improvements have been made. Ready for testing (90%)
Embedded orthophoto and project wizard generation Orthophotos are now embedded and saved with the workspace. Additionally, you can now directly generate an orthophoto from the Z axis (map) from the new project wizard. Ready for testing (90%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

Save partial reconstruction Added an option to save partial reconstructions (unmerged clusters) on zep files at the end of the SfM. Ready for testing (90%)
Transform dialog improvements Added an option to reset the gizmo rotation. Additionally, the camera doesn't reset on cancel, and the object visibility doesn't change when ok is pressed. Ready for testing (90%)
Export cameras in blender/json format Export cameras in blender / json format that can also be read by several Nerf implementation Ready for testing (90%)
Gizmo thickness and screen size Added options to change the gizmo thickness and its screen size. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved 3D constraints parser Improved 3D constraints importing and added an option to specify a projected coordinate system. Ready for testing (90%)
Camera stations You can now define camera stations (groups of images with the same origin and pure rotation) during the project wizard. Ready for testing (90%)
Las 1.4 support Added support for las 1.4. Ready for testing (90%)
Leica Blk3d support Added support for Leica Blk3d devices. Ready for testing (90%)
Undistorted image with outer bounding box You can export an undistorted image with the full distortion bounding box. Ready for testing (90%)
Native Nira exporter Improved Nira exporter with native SDK support In Development (50%)
Osgb and kmz tiles moved Osgb and kmz tiles are now exported with the new algorithm for improved performances. Ready for testing (90%)
Edit multispectral orthophoto Enable orthophoto editor for multispectral datasets Ready for testing (90%)
NavVis camera load Support for NavVis cameras. Ready for testing (90%)
Utility to extract/generate bubble views from point clouds Added an utility to extract or generate bubble views stored in point clouds. Possibility to export mask and parameters. Ready for testing (90%)