3DF Zephyr Dev Status (Fragola)

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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Fragola) is already in development.

The tentative release date is Q1 2022.

Here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Note: this is not the final feature lists: new planned features will be unveiled as we get closer to release!

Major features and updates

Significant SfM improvements With this release, we’ve improved Samantha, our state-of-the-art structure from motion technology, to be even faster and more accurate than ever. Ready for testing (90%)
New Vertical Structure preset We’ve created a new preset, specifically designed to optimize computation time and accuracy for vertical structures, such as BTS / cellular towers, skyscrapers, and such. Ready for testing (90%)
Faster Modular save Zep project files have been reorganized in a modular way. They have now been compressed, and only essential information is loaded to speed up the loading and saving process. Ready for testing (90%)
Unity Artengine integration We have partnered up with Artomatix at Unity Technologies to bring ArtEngine into 3DF Zephyr! License holders of ArtEngine can now directly interface their 3DF Zephyr scans with the first in class AI-powered engine by Artomatix, for a streamlined workflow to apply some of selected ArtEngine’s algorithms in order to generate seamless materials (Albedo, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Height, Roughness) directly in 3DF Zephyr. Ready for testing (90%)
Orthophoto editor With the orthophoto editor, you will be able to edit or improve specific portions of an orthophoto: this dialog provides a set of drawing tools, that will allow editing specific regions that are going to be re-computed. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved Elevation Profile interface We have substantially improved the elevation profile generation for a better experience. You can now also display more profiles in a single plot for better comparisons. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved Drawing Elements interface A ‘Snap’ function has been added to the drawing elements toolset and the drawing widget has been reorganized for better clarity. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved LoD mesh export LoD export has been improved and gltf and obj formats have been added. Ready for testing (90%)
Spot height map tool A new spot height map tool has been added to allow surveyors to quickly define height maps from manually picked control points. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved multi-tile DEM viewer DEM viewer has been extended to load multiple tiles dynamically from disk. Additionally, it now displays more information (level curves with altitude values, better picking, and elevation profile management). In Development (50%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

Better photo management and tags The left panel of the main window have been improved. You can now sort photos and add custom tags to make selections. Ready for testing (90%)

Better unit of measurements management You can now quickly change the unit of measurement of the workspace using known systems. Ready for testing (90%)

Video animator wizard A new wizard will help you creating video animation (orbits / fly through) In Development (50%)
USD file format export support Textured meshes can now be exported in the USD format. Ready for testing (90%)
LoD tiff orthophoto Orthophoto can now be exported as a tiff pyramid for faster access and loading on GIS software. Ready for testing (90%)
Improved bounding box gizmo The bounding box gizmo has been improved by adding scale handles that are now visible from the canonical views. Ready for testing (90%)
Better masking integration You can now edit masks and open masquerade directly from the Zephyr workspace. Ready for testing (90%)
Better picking on textured mesh Improved picking on textured meshes. Ready for testing (90%)
Better screenshot utility Screenshots can now be saved on the clipboard, and key shortcuts have been introduced. Ready for testing (90%)
Marker print center Marker center has been improved for picking clarity. Ready for testing (90%)