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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Avocado) is already in development.

The tentative release date is set for the second part of May, although some closed beta versions will be certainly released before.

Here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Note: These features are now available in v4.0!

Major features and updates

Samantha Speed up Samantha (our Sfm algorithm) is being optimize for speed. Preliminary tests show a speedup of 80%-20% with no loss of accuracy. Completed (100%)
MVS Improvement Our multiview stereo routine has been improved in several parts and it can recover even more detail than before. Furthermore, it is being optimized for speed with certain preset. Completed (100%)
Sharp Photoconsistency We are testing our photoconsistency filter to be able to extract more details on very sharp/planar features. First results are auspicious. Completed (100%)
Faster Photoconsistency and mesh generation The photoconsistency filter and the mesh generation algorithms are being optimized for speed and improved mesh topology. Completed (100%)
SDK for Linux Our SDK is being ported to Linux. We don't have a plan to port Zephyr anytime soon, but we are porting the SDK for custom command line application and it will be ready with the new release. Completed (100%)
New SDK interface Our SDK interface is being improved and new features and functions are being added. Completed (100%)
Calibration manager With the camera calibration manager you will be able to manage your custom camera calibration locally. Completed (100%)
Preset manager With the camera presets manager you will be able to manage your custom preset. Additionally, you will be able to exchange custom presets with other people. Completed (100%)
New Selection tools New ellipse and freeform selection tool and improved selection workflow Completed (100%)
Quads import support Quads will be supported in input (obj and fbx), and you will be able to texture a mesh composed of Quads. Completed (100%)
Orthophoto from points Orthophotos can be generated from points cloud (even from unstructured ones and laser scans) Completed (100%)
Automatic DTM generation from DEM You will be able to generate both DEM and DTM from orthophoto wizard Completed (100%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

Video logo 3DF Logo updated on video export and it will be not mandatory in the Lite version. Completed (100%)
Enable mask on add photos Masks can now be load also on add photos and load photos with known parameters menu. Completed (100%)
Band colors on object Apply custom band colors transformation to stereo and mesh objects Completed (100%)
Gizmo improved support Load only rendered object on Gizmo Completed (100%)
32/16bit texture workflow Easier workflow for generating 16/32bit textures. Now you can specify the desired output during texture generation, instead of regenerating it during export. Completed (100%)
Xmp during batch Xmp workflow when processing file in batch Completed (100%)
Custom Logo You can now set a custom grid logo :) Completed (100%)
Autoupdate bug Fixed autoupdate 100% stuck bug, occurring on certain configurations (Unfourtunately, you might still experience the bug from 3.702 to Avocado) Completed (100%)
Uber densification Export a superdensified mesh or textured mesh optionally with high frequency, non-photogrammetric details extracted from images. Completed (100%)
Import mesh with UV map without texture You can now import a mesh with external uv map without a defined texture files for Obj and Fbx formats. Completed (100%)
CSF Filter for Ground terrain segmentation We are integrating the CSF Filtering [1] for detecting the ground points from a terrain point cloud. This will help also the creation of a DTM. Completed (100%)
Improve autoupdate selection Autoupdate can be disabled or enabled on each selection dialog. Completed (100%)
Depth map preselection Preselect depth map for faster computation Completed (100%)
Quick project wizard Quick run project page Completed (100%)
Project wizard on-screen tips Quick tips are now showed to help you in the selection of Advanced parameters during the reconstruction wizard Completed (100%)
New decimation algorithm Much better decimation algorithm Completed (100%)
Fixed topology and triangles unification Fixed mesh topology and textured mesh vertices unification on export Completed (100%)
Improved polyline drawing with bubble views You can now draw in the bubble view without changing the current image Completed (100%)
Improved control points workflow with unstructured object Improved control points management workflow with unstructured object Completed (100%)
Better point cloud coloring for unstrucured object Improved point cloud coloring when structuring an unstructured object with photogrammetric cameras Completed (100%)
Photoconsistency subdivision Internal subdivision of the photoconsistency to better use large images Completed (100%)

FBX Camera exports Fixed cameras misalignments on FBX export Completed (100%)

German language Added German Language support Completed (100%)

Bounding box import / export Import and export the bounding box numerically through an xml file Completed (100%)
Discord status plugin Yeah :) Completed (100%)