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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Dragonfruit) is already in development.

The tentative release date is set for the early Summer 2020, although some closed beta versions will be certainly released before.

Here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Note: this is not the final feature lists: new planned features will be unveiled as we get closer to release!

Major features and updates

3DF Scarlet A new dedicated standalone (bundled at no additional cost to 3DF Zephyr) software designed specifically for laser scan data registration. 3DF Scarlet features native file format managagement, out-of-core processing, several manual alignment modes and a completely automatic registration mode. Advanced Development (75%)
Out of Core processing Out of core processing allows for a significant lower memory footprint as well as faster processing. Advanced Development (75%)
Significant SfM improvements Bigger datasets (lets say, 1000 photos and above) are significantly faster to process, with no drawbacks on the accuracy and robustness of the algorithm. Completed (100%)
WIC Imaging Engine integration WIC is now the default imaging engine for selected file types, which allows for faster loading times and also offers better color handling. Completed (100%)
Merge workspace improvements Improved merge tools, which also allows importing selected elements only Completed (100%)
Drawing Elements Improvements Drawing elements now also support splines, a preview mode is now available, and selection can also be done using drawing elements. Completed (100%)
Photoconsistency per chunks Photoconsistency computation is now split in chunks to minimize the impact on RAM. Completed (100%)
Photoconsistency speed improvements Photoconsistency internal computation has been speeded up Completed (100%)
Texture per chunks The texture computation of big meshes (over 10Millions points) is now split in chunks to minimize the RAM usage. Completed (100%)
General pipeline improvements General improvements (not related to the other major changes) to speed up and improve the quality of the full pipeline. Completed (100%)
Mesh wrapping with a mesh template (experimental feature) Imported mesh can be wrapped with control points or spatial constraints to another mesh. Completed (100%)
Sharp edges Added a sharp edges filter in the photoconsistency computation to get reconstruction with sharper edges. Completed (100%)
Texturing improvement Texturing has been improved to embed photoconsistency and blurriness checks, as well as a better blending. Completed (100%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

New skin A new skin for the new 3DF Zephyr Completed (100%)
French translation New French software localization for Zephyr, Scarlet and Masquerade. Completed (100%)
Turkish translation New Turkish software localization for Zephyr, Scarlet and Masquerade. Completed (100%)
Compressed cache Zephyr cache is now compressed to minimize the disk usage Completed (100%)
Utility bar A new (optional) widget can be shown in the top or bottom part of the 3D viewport. Point picking and quick measurements are currently featured. Completed (100%)
Control points edit combobox Added a combobox in the edit control points dialog to quickly change current control point Completed (100%)
Additional autosave folder User can now specify an additional autosave folder to keep the autosaved files. Completed (100%)
Add folder button New button to add an entire folder of photos Completed (100%)
Fov in decomposer tool You can now specify a custom field of view in the decomposer tool Completed (100%)
Improved fls, zf and riegl support Faro, Zf and Riegl plugin have been updated to support the latest formats. Completed (100%)
Revit plugin updated The revit bim plugin has been updated Completed (100%)
Orhophoto src file improvement src files for autocad now works with georeferencing. Completed (100%)
Faster rendering Stereo mesh, stereo point clouds and stereo textured meshes rendering speeded up. Completed (100%)
Zep file size Zep files size has been reduced Completed (100%)
Faster Zep loading / saving Faster project loading and saving Completed (100%)
Duplicated name disambiguation Duplicated camera names are now disambuiated better when moving a zep file to another location Completed (100%)
Point inspection tool improved Fixed scaling and added an option to visualize linked cameras Completed (100%)
Selection from polyline You can now define selections of meshes and point clouds from any planar polyline in the workspace Completed (100%)
Clone and make structure When using the make structure dialog, you can now clone the input mesh / stereo point cloud. Completed (100%)
Photo rotation control points dialog Added photo rotation in the control points dialog Completed (100%)
Exposed parameters marker detection Full validation parameters have been exposed in the marker detection dialog Completed (100%)
Improved laser scan raw format support Fls files now support colors, and Faro, Riegl and ZF plugins have been updated to support the latest formats. Completed (100%)
Masquerade mask inversion Added a button in masquerade to invert masks Completed (100%)
Masquerade automagic button improvement It now starts from the previous computation Completed (100%)
Orhophoto src file improvement src files for autocad now works with georeferencing. Completed (100%)
Orhophoto pdf improved resolution Improved resolution when exporting an orthophoto to pdf. Completed (100%)
Max-flow loop Fixed an issue which caused a deadlock during surface computation in some rare cases. Completed (100%)
Improved level curves extraction Level curves are now correctly clamped and linked. Completed (100%)
Pivot support on gizmo You can now set a pivot to the gizmo transformation. Completed (100%)
Pivot support on gizmo You can now set a pivot to the gizmo transformation. Completed (100%)
Control point serialization in Flowengine Added Control point serialization in Flowengine Completed (100%)
Set CRS in batch and quick project wizard dialog You can now set the CRS in the quick project wizard and batch dialog. Completed (100%)
Full resolution photo camera view When you move on a workspace camera in the 3D space, it will be loaded on demend at full resolution. Completed (100%)

... many more minor gui fixes

Other stuff

Improved FlowEngine interface More functions have been exposed in FlowEngine Completed (100%)