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! scope="row" | Dxf import
! scope="row" | Dxf import
| style="width: 60%;" | You can import polylines and points as dxf in Zephyr Aerial
| style="width: 60%;" | You can import polylines and points as dxf in Zephyr Aerial
| style="background: GreenYellow;" | In Development (50%)
| style="background: Lime;" | Ready for testing (90%)
|- style="vertical-align: top;"
|- style="vertical-align: top;"

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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Clementine) is already in development.

The tentative release date is set for the early Summer 2019, although some closed beta versions will be certainly released before.

Here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Note: this is not the final feature lists: new planned features will be unveiled as we get closer to release!

Major features and updates

Detail enhancement for mesh Better detail extraction during the mvs/mesh extraction Ready for testing (90%)
Normal map extraction You can bake normals maps (Object and Tangent space) starting from an high poly mesh to any textured mesh. Ready for testing (90%)
Speeded up MVS stereo generation The multiview stereo has been speeded up further Ready for testing (90%)
Better texture UV packing Better UV packing algorithm during mesh generation (space saving) Ready for testing (90%)
Unified Mesh and dense point cloud computation In order to optimize the computation, mesh and dense point cloud will be computed one shot by default. It will be still possible to generate a separate point cloud if needed. Ready for testing (90%)
Export orthophoto as single tiff The tiled orthophoto can now be exported as a unique BigTiff file Ready for testing (90%)
3D stereo display support Quad buffer support for stereo 3D display Ready for testing (90%)
3D mouse support 3Dconnexion mouse support Ready for testing (90%)
Major library update All our core libraries for (3D engine, Math, GUI) have been updated to the latest version with several bug fixes. Ready for testing (90%)
Dxf import You can import polylines and points as dxf in Zephyr Aerial Ready for testing (90%)
Orthophoto generation speed up The orthophoto generation process has been speeded up Ready for testing (90%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

New alignement tools The alignemnt tools dialog has been reorganized for better usage Completed (100%)
Improved mesh enhance filter The mesh enhancement filter has been improved to extract more details Completed (100%)
Support for custom geoid You can now load custom Geoid for georeferencing Completed (100%)
Raised internal resolution The single image resolution can now be bigger Completed (100%)
Texturing preset page The texturing generation page now have presets as the other pages Completed (100%)
New "General" preset New General preset category suitable for most cases Completed (100%)
Copy all in Masquerade speed up The "Copy all" command in Masquerade now work instantly Completed (100%)
Improved Flat Shading Corrected an issue and improved the flat shading rendering shader Completed (100%)
Extract all frames from video Added an option to extract all the frames from the video sequence Completed (100%)
Move up / down control points Control points can be reorganized and moved up or down on the list Completed (100%)
Keypoint animator bug Fixed a bug in the keypoints animator Completed (100%)
Improved polyline shaders Improved polylines and cad shadeers. It's not possible to render them in world space instead of screen space. Completed (100%)
Improved pick polyline Improved pick polyline with Undo/Redo Completed (100%)
Autocrop orthophoto borders Added intelligent cropping of the orthophoto borders Completed (100%)
Added transparency to orthophoto output Orthophoto tiff are now exported both with alpha channel and nodata value for transparency (improved compatibility with different viewers) Completed (100%)
Terrain extraction tool New terrain extraction tool with the CSF point Filter Completed (100%)
Speeded up video extraction Up to 10x faster frames from video extraction Completed (100%)
Improved mesh on degenerate tethrahedra Degenerate tethrahedra magament has been improved, and it will lead to a better meshing in some cases In Development (50%)
New pdf report Much Much better PDF Report ;) In Development (50%)

... many more minor gui fixes

Other stuff

Improved FlowEngine interface More functions have been exposed in FlowEngine Completed (100%)
Marker detection in FlowEngine FlowEngine now support marker detection Completed (100%)
Unified login system Zephyr license managment from the 3Dflow.net website Ready for testing (90%) - will be launched with the beta version